17 September 2014

Webby Award - IPA 2014

About the Webby Awards

Reflecting the tremendous growth of the Internet as a tool for business and everyday lives, the 18th Annual Webby Awards expands the mission of the Webby by honouring excellence in Websites, Interactive Advertising & Media, Online Film & Video, Mobile Sites & App, and Social Web.

 The Academy is an intellectually diverse organization that includes members such as actor Kevin Spacey, musician David Bowie, Internet Co-inventor Vint Cerf, Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-in-Chief of Huffington Post Media Group, Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone, Co-Founder of Instagram Kevin Systrom, Mozilla CEO and Chair Mitchell Baker, and Tumblr Founder David Karp. The 18th Annual Webby Awards received 12,000 entries from over 60 countries and all 50 states and generated over 900 million media impressions worldwide.

 About the IPA site

 “We work closely with the IPA on a continuous improvement path, introducing functionality and features of the IPA website in line with membership needs and the evolving landscape for what is an incredibly fast moving sector! The teams on both sides are passionate and driven to achieve the best possible outcome and I am very excited that the Webbys have recognised our efforts year on year.”

Tricia Durrant - Client Services Director

 Continuing with the theme of new developments and adapting with the times, by 2014 the IPA site had grown yet again and found they wanted to try new things to continue delivering fresh content to their members.

 We worked together with the IPA, and our studio to launch the IPA’s agency gallery and CPD hub for the 2014 awards.

 Features of the Agency Gallery:

  • Dynamic and aesthetically exciting content which continually pulls in new media
  • Extensive filter ties in with the agency search
  • Can be used as a search for finding an agency to work with

 The Agency search can be done in loads of different formats. You’ve got a detailed search where agencies can be filtered by experience, alphabetically or even their geographical location.

 Features of the CPD hub:

  • Agencies and users can store information about courses e.g. which they’ve completed, how many hours they’ve taken
  • The information is then saved to a personal diary which the user can customise
  • Users can get medals for what they’ve achieved and the IPA can feature and export the information

These new features were hugely beneficial to the IPA as they further promote membership engagement and the ease of use guarantees return visits.

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