International Wire and Machinery Association

A fluid and engaging user journey with a fresh, vibrant design 



Their project

Founded in 1970, the International Wire & Machinery Association is the world's largest and most influential corporate membership Association for the wire, cable and wire product industries. Their primary function is to promote new technology and growth within the profession with their site at the centre of this movement.

After detailed and productive workshops we found IWMA had clear objectives shared by membership organisations everywhere. The key aims of the site were to provide better service for their members and to engage and inform site visitors of the benefits that come with being a part of the membership community.


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Our approach

We incorporated photographs and biographies on IWMA’s team page and developed a smart new history page, which contains a sophisticated yet easy to use timeline. This enables website visitors to put IWMA into context; it’s an easy and effective way of displaying lots of information engagingly and economically.


The outcome

The site has a fresh, contemporary feel; with complex information presented in an engaging and user-friendly way. Visitors can now intuitively navigate the site across a range of devices, creating a smooth user-journey and providing IWMA members with an information hub that is easily accessible.




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Offline materials

We designed a suite of offline products for the IWMA’s annual conference which would ensure they stood out and made an impact. We created vast, eye-catching banners in IWMA’s distinctive signature orange and blue, which enticed attendees by adding a vibrant, must-visit atmosphere. The banners tied in with the brochure we created, which was information rich and packed with on-brand imagery.