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RiverCPD is an online CPD management system. Ease of use, security of information, tracking and reporting for managers and the concept of being software your members can trust emerged as the highest priorities for a perfect CPD. We've taken all of our learning, combined with our experience of great delivering online products to bring you RiverCPD.

We've worked closely with CPD teams to develop diary and CPD logging systems, looking after many thousands of members.

RiverCPD is a truly revolutionary piece of CPD software, designed with the sole purpose of being easier and more intuitive to use than any other online CPD management system. Trust is a cornerstone of RiverCPD. Your members can trust that their information is stored safely and accurately, so there’s no chance of their records becoming lost or missing.

RiverCPD diary records are accessible for life, where your members are in complete control of their own data, and your administrators have quick and easy access to reporting.


Our experience has taught us that people get frustrated about keeping CPD logs and diaries.  Because we know what annoys your CPD users about their continuing professional development tracking software -  we’re able to give them an online CPD system they’ll love! 

Whether they’re working industry professionals or in training to become experts in their field, your members don’t have the time to spend filling out a daily CPD diary or updating every detail of their CPD learning. They need a professional development system they can update in a flash so they get on with their day. 

One-click addition of content

Membership specificWith RiverCPD your members can add content they have read or watched on your RiverCMS hosted website straight into their CPD log in one click.

Personalised management

Personalised managementLogging is automated through River software; once users attend an event they booked through your RiverCMS site, their attendance is logged straight into their CPD.

Fully auditable CPD logs

Tailored systemFully auditable logs will help you help your members. RiverCPD makes it simple to see how members are doing and where they are in their development.

Configurable titles

Membership specificYou can change the field name and the system is set up to suit your industry; there may be specific fields you need to add to your CPD thing that others might not need.

Built for mobile

Mobile accessDesigned for users on the move following the principles of mobile first design; RiverCPD makes balancing learning around busy schedules easy for your members; no desk required.

Objective setting

OwnershipManageable objectives are vital to achieving academic results. Through RiverCPD your members can set themselves objectives, record their progress and share it easily.