With Senior, you’re getting much more than just a website. You’re joining a community of memberships who utilise our secure and resilient server infrastructure behind which is a team of individuals who will ensure your website is safe and ready to use, whatever happens.

Quarterly upgrades keep technology enhancing over time to future-proof client websites.

We provide a world class, superfast, web hosting solution managed service, built on technologies from HP, Sophos and Microsoft. The resilient server infrastructure has no single points of failure, high availability, 24/7 monitoring and is backed with a 99.8% uptime service level agreement.

A disaster recovery solution to a secondary location with a mirrored web hosting setup is also incorporated so if the worst happens, your content is safe with us.                                                                                    

Data security and integrity is vital and our server infrastructure reflects this commitment. Superfast SAN storage means that all data is stored over multiple redundant disks, ensuring that even a complete disk failure will not compromise data or cause any downtime. Server maintenance is fully managed by our dedicated, in-house server team. There is also high-speed internet connectivity, with superfast CMS page load speeds using load balanced servers – great for you and your members.

Backups and recovery – We offer a disaster recovery solution with a mirrored web hosting set-up as well as daily and monthly back-ups.

Uptime and monitoring – Our resilient server infrastructure has high availability with no single points of failure, 99.8% uptime and 24/7 monitoring.

Private hosting solution – We only host websites that are built by us, which means that we’re protected from virus-prone sites and you know who the neighbours are.