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Welcome to River; the market leading content management system for membership organisations.

Back in 2004 we took on our first membership client and provided them with a website which would see their organisation excel for their members. We found that the organisation had a really specific set of things they wanted from their system, and that River was well equipped to deal with their request. A year later we had partnered with another membership organisation and found that their needs were similar to our other client in this sector. Again, River lent itself beautifully to the project and it dawned on us that the future of River was to mould it to fit the needs of all membership organisations.

Today, a community of more than 45 membership organisations are using River to improve and update their web presence. 

Each and every client we collaborate with has a say in the development of River, and their invaluable feedback helps us to ensure that River is the perfect CMS for the membership industry. We’re constantly working on ways to improve River, and thanks to feedback and support from our clients, we’ve come up with a multitude of new modules and services. These constant updates not only make River- and our client’s sites- future-proof, it also means that we have our finger on the pulse of the needs of the membership community. We’re proud that River is not only developed for membership organisations, but also by them!

Key advantages

Highly intuitive and user-friendly; River enables you to update and transform the look and content of your website. We know that your main aim as a membership organisation is engaging your members, and we understand that your top priority must be the growth of your organisation. With River you can ensure your website runs smoothly, looks fresh and remains relevant.

The core features of River allow you to take full flexibility and control over ongoing content additions. You can create pages, apply design templates, and add images and text and encourage a natural user journey. We also offer dedicated support and regular updates to ensure that your site is the very best it can be.

Membership specific

Membership specificOver the past decade River has been sculpted to fit the needs of membership organisations like yours. You name it; River can provide it.

Membership community

Membership communityWe value the opinions and needs of all our partners and take on board all feedback. River is truly the product of a membership community.

Easily integrated

Easily integratedWe know there are thousands of different organisations worldwide; each one unique. We want to ensure that River works with your software for your members.

Single version software

Single versionWe update River every 2 weeks, so we can ensure it’s future-proof. Single version software means you’ll never have to wait for the latest updates.

Very search engine friendly

Very search engine friendlyRiver is perfectly equipped for you to manage your SEO completely free from hassle. This means you can make sure you’re top of the list!

High speed page loads

High speed page loadsWritten with light code and hosted on vast servers; your members will never have to wait around for your site’s pages to load with River.

Secure hosting

Secure hostingOur vast hosting system in London is backed up in Nottingham so your information is safe from down time while remaining super-fast! Read more >

Unlimited support

Unlimited supportWith a ticketing system available 24/7- even on bank holidays- you can relax in the knowledge that our team are working on your issue right away.