01 August 2017 Christine

Ta-dah! How to wow at your next event

We’re well into the penultimate quarter of 2017 now and it’s a time when many organisations are starting to plan for their big conference of 2018 and putting the finishing touches on their autumn term events. Almost all organisations in the third sector hold or attend events throughout the year and, as we established in our article earlier this year, ensuring attendance of these events can seem like a complex and detailed process. But once you’ve got those bums on seats, what can you do to stand out?

Making an impact at events requires a multi-pronged attack of content output. It can be a lot of work, but find an agency who can help you deliver and you’ll find it can be a hugely enjoyable process with rich rewards. With the technology we have at our finger tips today wowing a crowd at an event – no matter what your organisation’s subject matter - has never been easier.


Humans are visual animals and there have been endless studies produced on the commercial power of images. If you ensure you attend your conference equipped with bright, bold, on-brand banners - like we produced for the BPCA’s PestEx earlier this year - then you’re half way to making the biggest impact. On-brand doesn’t mean ‘pop your logo on something and the job's a good'un’. Take inspiration from your publications, website and stationery to create a powerful representation of the association for the event your attending. Use touches such as your brand palette or fonts, and from there modernise or adapt them for the event audience, while always sticking to your brand guidelines.

PestEx2017 banner

Jump on the hype train

There is a reason heavily anticipated movies are anticipated and that’s HYPE. Yes that word feels a little bit too fashionable to be using in an article about third sector annual conferences, but engaging with your audience before the event is an exciting and valuable tool to ensuring your audience get excited. Social media of all kinds is essential to raising awareness of your event. More organisations than ever are signing up for visual social channels such as Instagram to find potential members, and events are the perfect time to use them to gain results. Using social media to get the word out is especially effective whem combined with regular emails and even a dedicated microsite informing your recipients of all the 'must see' elements present at your event that they, well, must see.

Join the A.V. club

So back to the movie trailer analogy. The first trailer for the upcoming Star Wars film was launched almost exactly 8 months earlier than the release date of the film. The second was released last month, 5 months away. Regular teasers like these help spark debate and pique interest, and, though your annual conference might not be hotly anticipated by millions of men, women and children the world over, this kind of marketing can still be hugely effective, and set you apart as the exhibit to visit.

At your event remember to shoot video and take lots of pictures. These can be used as valuable tools not only to market your next event, but to also incorporate into your stand when you get there. If the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video, then the same reasoning could be applied to event stands.

e-days tea bags

Be memorable with memorabilia

Everyone loves a freebie and swag bags are one of the best parts of a work conference. Your organisation can represent the most white collar industry in the UK; there’s always scope for creativity when it comes to free gifts and thinking outside the branded tote bag is a good idea if you want to make an impact. From fliers and flags to t-shirts and tea bags, we can help you design your promotional materials to stand out from the start.

We’ve helped many organisations throughout the UK stand out and make an impact at events. With traditional materials such as exquisitely designed printed invitations and programmes to branded merchandise and video. We relish these projects, so get in touch (via our new and improved contact page) if you’d like to find out more about how you can wow the crowd at your next event.

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