The River Community

Where it began

Back in 2004 when we began developing effective connections with our few membership and third sector clients, we learned the value of gaining constant feedback, good and bad, and saw how much that could help our software strengthen, which in turn helped our clients grow.

Help and advice free of charge whenever we’re needed

We appreciate that not everyone is an expert when it comes to design trends and the latest technology, which is why we’re intent on being a valuable extension to our clients’ marketing teams. Our account management team who are trained in marketing with years of industry experience are always on hand to assist our clients whenever they’re needed.

We’ve an experienced support team here too. Our software isn’t just created in a remote part of the world by several programmers who’ve never met. It’s made here in the heart of Nottingham, by a team who’ve built it from scratch over the past decade. We’re more than capable to answer any questions you have, and ensure you’re finding our software as intuitive and beneficial as we created it to be.

Built on valuable feedback

This meant we could develop the software which is today the foundation of our company: RiverCMS. We’re able to proudly say we're one of the largest digital and creative agencies working for the membership industry and third sector in the UK.

We’ve always known that embarking on a new web project is an immensely fun, but sometimes stressful process, and we appreciate the importance of getting it right, especially with not for profit, charitable organisations like our client base. That’s why we know the importance of cultivating relationships where communication, trust and support can flourish.

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Every single module of River has been crafted from the hard work of our team and the respected feedback of our clients.

Our enterprise CMS, River

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