10 May 2017

IWMA’s CabWire microsite is live!

May is off to an electrifying start with the launch of the International Wire and Machinery Association’s new events microsite, CabWire! We have been working with IWMA for more than 2 years now and in that time we have seen the popularity of their Industry Forum and other global events grow and grow. Now, with a smart, bold microsite, we hope to see attendee numbers expand.

As we’ve worked with IWMA in the past to revamp their website and on offline print work, naturally the relationship extended to this new project.

What did they want from their new site?

CabWire was run by a number of different associations until 2016, after which IWMA became the sole owner of the brand. IWMA’s key focus for the site was to position the conference as a leading, professional industry forum; so a confident, striking design was essential. They required a website of a high calibre to complement the new name and brand.

As well as creating a strong tone of voice for the event, IWMA were looking to build an engaging platform for attendees and other stakeholders to stay informed about details of the conference. It was essential the site be user-friendly and engaging, and they were eager bring the exhibition space booking process online and make it streamlined.

Key features

One of the first features you’ll notice on the homepage is the parallax design. This is a captivating use of design and serves not only to subtly engage site users, but to add that extra air of modernity and sophistication to the site.

CabWire's site boasts many stand out features which also serve this purpose, some entirely new functionality has been built by our team exclusively for this project. One such example is the interactive seat allocation on the floorplan page. This feature allows users to see the venue’s floorplan, select their table and see all its details, including the amount of space is inhabits and whether or not it is available.

Animation has been used throughout the site to add an interactivity and playfulness to the site; in the countdown clock, the dynamic speaker and sponsor profiles, and the embedded map.


We created a professional, modern website which seamlessly incorporates the CabWire colours and branding as well as tone of voice and goes a long way in the positioning the conference as a leading industry forum for metal and machinery professionals from across the world. We’re delighted with what has been achieved and have received nothing but positive feedback!

Like the site? Why not leave us a comment below and tell us your thoughts?

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