03 January 2017 Christine

Senior’s predictions for 2017

Most would consider 2016 a rocky year at best. We’ve lost some prominent figures in the world of arts, culture and politics, and seen very divided political opinions split nations and flood news and social media outlets all while technology and digital innovations hurtle forwards at light speed.

After a little research in the membership industry and gathering some opinions from our very own team of experts, here are Senior’s top 5 innovations we expect to see benefitting associations, non-profits and charities in 2017.

predictions-2017-06On demand: the internet where you want it, when you want it

According to Quantum Run, 2017 will see the number of internet users worldwide reach 3.3 billion, almost half the world’s population. With patrons using it to... read more >

predictions-2017-07It’s all about YOU: focus on the individual to encourage wellbeing

Those organisations who keep a close eye on the world of HR will already know that 2016 saw a huge rise in initiatives to increase the happiness of staff... read more >

predictions-2017-083D and virtual: how these realities tell us what we want from design

2016 saw huge innovations within the world of 3D printing. So huge that it’s almost unbelievably sci-fi. We’ve been able to 3D print inanimate objects for... read more >

predictions-2017-09Clean it up: how to say a lot with a little

This one directly relates to membership organisations if you use your website as your biggest tool for growing your membership or marketing to your members... read more >

predictions-2017-10Lost and found: search comes to you

Search has gradually become more and more important to us over the years; ‘Google it’ is now the response to any question we do not have the answer for... read more >

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